Earn tokens while reading, watching
and sharing content

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An open source blockchain protocol that gives brands visibility about how consumers interact with and share content
Brands create SmartWallets on the blockchain that hold URLs to be promoted and tokens to be distributed to consumers
HowMEDIA ProtocolWorks
1Brands and publishers create great content
2Content is registered on MEDIA Protocol using the web interface or API
3Brands and publishers deposit MEDIA Protocol tokens into Smart Wallets
4Consumers read, view, like, comment or share content and are awarded tokens for sharing their data and preferences
MEDIA Protocol allows content creators and publishers to connect directly with consumers and incentivize meaningful engagement by rewarding them with cryptocurrency
MEDIA Protocol in action: CryptoCatnip dApp

A Crypto news aggregator built on-top of Mobile SDK v0.1 that demonstrates:

  • Creation of “soft” wallets in the secure enclave of a Smart Phone which is key for mass-adoption
  • Deploys “fixed” and “floating” smart contracts to vary rewards across different types of content and interaction
  • Users earn testnet tokens by swiping, reading and sharing (will convert to Main-Net)
  • Partnered with over 20 crypto projects to share news and updates
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MEDIA Protocol is being incubated by, which works with the world’s leading publishers and brands including Red Bull, Time Inc., the BBC, Unilever, L’Oreal and UBS.